4 Fun and Educational Science Projects Using Ice

Ice is one of the most common substances in households throughout America, and its availability and usefulness make it a treasured resource. These same qualities make ice a go-to choice for fun, interesting and educational science projects that capture the imagination without producing any significant costs. Let’s take a look at four projects that illustrate [...]

10 Fun Faux Snow Play Ideas in Southern California

Just because you call Southern California home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the snow. And you don’t even need to travel to make it happen. Here at Long Beach Ice, we offer quality snow productions that can give you a winter wonderland all year round. Of course, if you are going to order [...]

10 Unique Ice Cube Shape Ideas for Classy Parties

Ice is often an overlooked ingredient in cocktails and punch bowls alike. However, you can use frozen water in exciting ways, taking your party drinks to the next level and dazzling your guests with unique ice cube shapes. Here are 10 of our favorite unique ice cube shapes that will spice things up at your [...]

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