Snow Productions

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One of our most popular requests from local residents is for the creation of a unique, artificial snow scene on their property. Yes, as in a Southern California lawn blanketed by beautiful, glistening, freezing-cold snow! This is one of our fortes at Long Beach Ice, and for decades have delighted in creating snow scenes straight out of a classic Christmas movie. Whether you want a snow production at your home, business, or as part of a film or television set, we have done it all and can make your winter dream-scene come to life. Please read on to learn more about how we can create your own personal winter fairytale, and how you can enjoy such a special occurrence.

About Our Artificial Snow

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As with our numerous ice works, our snow productions are always crafted from pure filtered water. This gives us an advantage over natural snow, believe it or not. If you think about it, natural snowfall is produced from frozen water in the atmosphere that had previously condensed from polluted river and sea water. Not exactly what you want your kids and pets to play with, or even worse, taste! With our snow, you not only get the purest snow possible, but you also get a snow that is simply gorgeous.

How Our Snow is Produced

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At Long Beach Ice, we utilize special snow machines to create the most crystal clear and fluffy snow imaginable. Snow machines create artificial snow by using a pump to spray a mist of filtered water into the machine’s freezer chamber. The water spray freezes as it hits the air inside the freezer, and crystallizes into snow particles. We can create boundless amounts of snow to suit your needs. Also, we can control the amount of air and water that mixes in the freezer chamber, which serves to alter the characteristics of the snow. Whether you want a light and fluffy blanket of snow on which to create snow angels, or you prefer wetter, more compact snow so you can build snowmen, we will make it happen for you.

Ideal Events for Enjoying Artificial Snow

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There are any number of occasions in which an artificial snow production will make a memorable and lasting impression on you and your guests. This isn’t just a fleeting Christmas event, though that is typically the time of year in which we receive the greatest number of requests. But it’s well within our ability to handle, since it’s artificial snow, made from a machine, so we can create it anytime of year. Here are some of the most common events we most often snow cater to:

  • Private Parties – Maybe you have a child who loves snow, but never gets to experience its numerous joys due to our climate. Call us at Long Beach Ice to book a snow production for your child’s birthday party and watch as your beloved kid has the time of his or her life playing in the pure snow with their friends. We can create the same scenario for other private parties, such as a romantic and wintry anniversary surprise for your partner.
  • Entertainment Industry – At Long Beach Ice, we have been called upon by numerous film and television studios to create lifelike snow scenes for important scenes in their movies and TV shows. This is because our snow is beautiful, realistic, and we can quickly deliver and set up a snow production on the premises.
  • Promotional Events – A stunning snow scene will definitely attract some attention in Southern California! If you are a business owner who is holding a grand opening or anniversary event open to the public, one of snow productions will draw in the crowds and bring out the kid in everyone, helping you leave a favorable impression on the community.

Uses for Artificial Snow

Once your unique snow scene is delivered and set up for you, there will be countless ways you will come to enjoy it. No matter what your age is, you will instantly revert to your childhood when a giant bundle of fluffy snow is plopped down in front of you! Here are some of the most common ways our snow productions are enjoyed by recipients:

  • Snowmen – You can finally create a snowman with your family and friends, in your back or front yard!
  • Sledding – Should you choose heavier snow, we can set up little hills on which you can take your kids sledding! These are experiences they will never forget.
  • Forts – We can set up mounds of snow against fences, into which kids can safely burrow, creating one of the greatest childhood pleasures kids back east enjoy all winter long!
  • Snow Angels – So fun and adorable! Just lay down in the snow, flap your limbs around, and stand back to enjoy your handiwork.
  • And so much more! If you have kids, trust us, they’ll think of yet more ways to enjoy the snow.

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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For decades, we at Long Beach Ice have created unique and breathtaking snow production scenes for residences and businesses across the area. Our friendly experts will make the exact snow scene you have envisioned, delivered and set up wherever you want it. Unlike real snow, our manufactured snow is clean, pure and glistens to perfection. And, of course, it is created on demand, so you can have a wintry scene where and when you want it.

It is our pleasure to make your vision come to life. We know that it is because of our loyal customers, our small family-run business has been able to thrive in the Long Beach community. Every day we strive to show our appreciation and keep Long Beach well-stocked with top quality snow and ice products.

Just because we are in Southern California doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy snow! So when you want the best snow production team around, call us at Long Beach Ice, and we will efficiently and expertly create the snow production you desire.