About Us

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Since 1956, Long Beach Ice has been the area’s best provider of topnotch ice and ice related services. We are a family owned and operated business, and understand how important exceptional customer service is to the life of our company. This is why we create the best and greatest variety of ice, deliver it to you promptly, and set it up to your satisfaction, all for the lowest prices possible.

Types of Ice We Create

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At Long Beach Ice, we strive to have the greatest variety of ice products available for you. We not only have plenty of ice varieties on hand to serve you quickly, be we also create specialty types of ice products just for you. Some of our most popular ice products include:

  • Block Ice – Starting at 25-pound increments and going all the way up to 300-pound blocks, we have the type of block ice you need to get your events and festivities going smoothly. Whether you are going on a camping trip with friends, hosting a family reunion in the backyard, or are a vendor at a local farmer’s market, we have the block ice that is ideal for keeping your food and beverages cold and fresh.
  • Ice Sculptures – Whether you want a graceful, full-sized ice sculpture to make your next event unique and fun, or sculpted ice bowls to keep punch cold in a glamorous fashion, our ice sculptures are perfect for you. Our ice artists can sculpt your vision, and we will deliver it to you and make sure it is placed in the perfect spot for maximum enjoyment at your event site.
  • Dry Ice – There is something so spectacular about dry ice! And it’s not just for haunted houses anymore! At Long Beach Ice, we can set up a unique and colorful dry ice scene at your next gathering, which will help create an atmosphere your guests will never forget.  
  • Cubed, Crushed and Cocktail Ice – Though these fall under the “everyday ice” categories, don’t force yourself to the local gas station to dig out an old cloudy bag of ice! Contact us at Long Beach ice, where we create beautifully clear and crisp cubed, crushed, and cocktail ice that is made with pure filtered water. We can deliver perfectly clear and square ice cubes, crushed ice that looks like shards of crystal, and cocktail ice in any shape and color to make your soiree extra memorable.
  • Snow Production – For years, we have been making it snow in Long Beach! Whether you have dreamed of a white Christmas, or just want to make snowmen in May, we don’t ask questions, we just make it happen for you. As with our other ice products, our snow is made from filtered water, so it is actually cleaner and purer than the real thing. We can create any glistening snow scene you can envision.

These are our most common types of ice works. In addition to private parties, we also service many local businesses, from hotels and restaurants, to office buildings and movie studios.  

Our Delivery Services

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At Long Beach Ice, we not only create exceptional ice, we bring it right to your door. We have many ice docks located throughout the area, with many styles of ice already prepared, so we can get you what you need quickly. Often times, we can deliver you ice within 60-90 minutes of your order being placed. If the ice request is for something more unique and distinct, it will take longer for us to create and deliver the ice of course, but oftentimes we can still get it to you within the same day.

The amount of ice is never an issue with us. Be it a large or small order, we can deliver your ice to you efficiently and promptly. Our trucks can carry about 40,000-pounds of ice at once.

We are also a full-service delivery company. We don’t just unload ice out the back of our trucks onto your property and wish you well. We stay to unload the ice, place it where you want it, and make sure the ice and any of its accessories are all ready for you to use. And of course, if you have a more specialized ice product, we will answer any questions you may have pertaining to its use and storage.

Speaking of accessories, that is another important aspect of our services. We offer customers the use of ice chests and trunks to keep with you on site, so that you can store excess ice in these freezers to keep ice frozen. You never have to worry about where to store the ice you are not using at the moment.

Why Choose Long Beach Ice?

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We hope that question has answered itself by now! But allow us to continue explaining some of the highlights of working with us at Long Beach Ice. We have been in the ice business for decades, and have a passion for ice that is only equaled by our passion for people. It is our sincere belief that you should have exceptional ice when you want it, because let’s face it, it just isn’t a party without plenty of ice!

No matter if you know weeks in advance that you need a particular type of ice works at your upcoming function and wish to discuss is with us then, or you are facing an ice-crisis, we can create and deliver the ice product you want. So you never have to worry if you face a last-minute need for ice; give us a call and we can help.

Long Beach Ice is proud to be a part of this community, and we are pleased to serve the many residences and businesses in our hometown. We strive every day to bring you the best products, the friendliest service, and the lowest prices. Have an ice idea in mind? Why don’t you give us a call today to tell us about it. It will be our pleasure to create it just for you.